Thursday, 29 April 2010

Final IdeasFor Shoot 1 & Meet the team

Photo Shoot One is Officially Happening!

My concept is about representing women who feel lost, trapped, lonely and overwhelmed on the inside, whilst putting on a front to the rest of the world. I want to capture their inner most thoughts, feelings and fears. I have chosen to represent 3 different types of women in three separate photo shoots. It is my hope that everyone who sees my work can relate to it or learn something about themselves or about the people around them...

Shoot 1 - Successful Business Woman
Who I am Representing:
Successful business woman who juggles too many things in her life. Earns a lot of money but does not have the time to spend it, let alone take time out to relax, calm down and sort out any problems that life throws her way. The was going to be a shoot to show how women can get caught up in addiction to make their hectic and overwhelming life feel more bearable and was inspired by a magazine article I read about it. However I decided this week to perhaps make the idea more open so more people can relate to it. Therefore am currently thinking of the ‘money and power can’t buy you happiness’ idea. She is a beautiful and successful women, sitting in a cocktail bar after work – everything is as you would expect it to be. But when you look closer you realise she is crying glitter and has sadness and loneliness in her eyes. The idea for this shoot can still change so Im very open to your suggestions if you have any :)
The Idea for the shoot: This woman will be sitting alone in a classy wine bar. She will be dressed in an expensive looking 'business' outfit - very smart and well to do. Her nails will have long extensions with fake money notes (do you have any experience doing nail extension or do you know anyone who does?) . Despite looking very smart her make up will include glitter running down her face to represent tears like the photo attached. She will be holding a cocktail and there will be be a blur of people walking behind her, but she will be in focus. She will mimic an iconic pose of class and sophistication, but appear very lonely.

Location – I have secured ‘Suga Cube’ which is in Brighton town centre. Photos that I took there today are attached.


My beautiful agency represented model - Tess
My rather awesome stylist is called Rachel and her website can be found here;

My brilliant designer whom i'm honored to work with can be found here:

My fab hair and make up artist can be found here:

More meetings and fittings to doubt I will update afteer those have happened too!

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