Monday, 26 April 2010

Exhibition Piece - Finalising Ideas!

So how lucky was I that Euan Wilcox - total concept genius and slight Robert Patterson look alike, happened to be around at uni today whilst I was brainstorming my ideas for my final exhibition piece. Thanks to him I was able to see my ideas in a different way and finalize the concepts, and by gum - I think I'm almost ready to get the ball rolling and get cracking!

So here we go!

THE CONCEPT: My concept is about representing women who feel lost, trapped, lonely and overwhelmed on the inside, whilst putting on a front to the rest of the world. I want to capture their inner most thoughts, feelings and fears. I have chosen to represent 3 different types of women in three separate photo shoots. It is my hope that everyone who sees my work can relate to it or learn something about themselves or about the people around them...I want to inspire, make a statement and be taken seriously - It's going to be a challenge but I WILL make it happen.

Shoot 1 - Successful Business Woman

Who I am Representing: Successful business woman who juggles too many things in her life. Earns a lot of money but does not have the time to spend it, let alone take time out to relax, calm down and sort out any problems that life throws her way. When many women would seek help and support during times of extreme stress, there are some women who feel they do not have the time and turn to quick fixes. They seek solace from a multitude of prescription drugs to illegal drugs and alcohol. These women are functional addicts. They go through their day to day life and as a passer by, colleague or even a friend, you would not know the issues and torment that this women faces every day.

The Idea for the shoot: This woman will be sitting alone in a classy wine bar. She will be dressed in an expensive looking 'business' outfit - very smart and well to do with not a hair out of place. Her nails will have long extensions with fake money notes. Perhaps Little bags of fake drugs (representing cocaine) will be used to create accessories around the outfit. Despite looking very smart her make up will include glitter running down her face to represent tears. There will be track lines on her arm, she will have a slight polo nose (coke around the bottom of her nose) and perhaps some bruising which will be achieved in post production. She will be holding a glass of wine, cocktail or champagne and there will be be a blur of people walking behind her, but she will be in focus. She will mimic an icon pose of class and sophistication, but appear very lonely.

Above photo by Patrick Demarchelier
Above photo by Nikola Borissov

Shoot 2 - Desperate Housewife

Who I am Representing: There are many women with a young child/children who choose to embrace a traditional role of housewife: cooking, cleaning and chores in addition to caring for the children. However some ‘house wives’ struggle with the transition of becoming a house wife after swapping their professional life for this new one. Feeling overwhelmed, trapped, lonely and depressed are all outlooks easily adopted by an overworked housewife and can lead to a breakdown in various ways.

The Idea for the shoot: I want to show the breakdown and distress of how this busy, exhausted and lonely housewife really feels. I want the model to take on the role of a broken doll in terms of pose and expression. The key word for this shoot is that she feels TRAPPED.

This will be shot in a kitchen. She will be sitting on the floor tied up with the flex's from different appliances and perhaps also tied to the oven with something you would find in a kitchen such as a tea towel. This represents the idea that she feels chained to her kitchen and her housewife chores. If possible I want to have a Blackberry phone in shot but out of reach as there is nothing that says 'sucessful business person' than a Blackberry does! If I can get hold of a Blackberry I would like the model to be looking at it longingly and trying to free herself from the kitchen.

There will be evidence of her being a full time mum and housewife in the shot, such as various ingredients out etc for baking, perhaps some kids toys on the floor and homely touches such as flowers in a vase, a photo frame, kids magnets on the fridge etc. She will be covered in a matte white powder to represent the flour from her baking falling all over her. Her hair will also be a stylized mess (Avante Garde style). I feel that she should be dressed in quite a glamorous way which will contradict the situation she is now in.
Above photo by Tim Walker

Above photo by

Shoot 3 - Body Confidence

Who I am Representing: The pressure to look ‘perfect’ is plastered all over the media. With approximately six billion people in the world, and a mere ten million of them suffering with some type of disordered eating, the media obviously doesn't cause everyone to develop Anorexia, Bulimia or Compulsive Overeating. However the media most certainly contributes to dieting and size discrimination. On television, in magazines and newspapers, we are continually exposed to the notion that losing weight will make us happier, more successful, find/keep love etc. These issues trouble many women who become obsessed and overwhelmed with the need to achieve and maintain an unhealthy thin ‘look’.

The Idea for the shoot:
I want this shoot to send a message to the industry, to models and to real people who are forever chasing the 'perfect' and idealized look and body size. However I want it to be subtle! The key to this shoot is that I represent isolation and loneliness.

If possible I would like to use a very slim model (to send a message) and have her wearing fashionable clothes that are too big for her. I want to have accessories made from tape measures also. I want the make up to make the girl look very gaunt and quite ill. I also want her hair to be styled in a way that can look quite fashionable, but perhaps in an ill and lank way (if that can be achieved!?)

This will most likely be shot in a studio and the background will be very dark. There will be a set of scales in the foreground. The model will be positioned in the middle and a clothes rack with small clothes and tape measures hanging from it will be in the darkened background. The model will produce a variety of fashion poses and so needs experience in doing so but the emphasis is on showing fashion in an ugly way and making a statement and so the model needs to be ok with this before agreeing to shoot it!

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