Monday, 24 May 2010

Interactive Magazine - Business Woman Shoot

As promised I have uploaded my magazine in a more interactive flash version...this will be shown at my exhibition next week, but it will hopfully have my other two photo shoots included as the concepts are very similar. Whehter this happens will depend on how much time it takes to get the designs sorted once Ive finished editing the images. Fingers crossed! But take a look at my magazine from my 1st photo shoot. It's pretty awesome :0)

Just copy the link below into your browser! Then click on the magazine pages to turn them.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Housewife Shoot - All ready to go!

On Thursday im doing my housewife themed shoot. Everything is officially set and here are some pictures of what to expect!

Here is a rough idea of what the make up will look like, but we will do lilac eyes instead of blue as it matches the outfits better :0)

Here is the location - my friends very lovely kitchen :0)

Here is the inspiration for the hair style we are going for. Luckily my model and gorgeous long hair so I'm certain we'll get a fab result!

We will be styling the dress with cute socks we found in Primark and H&M, a little like the picture below...

Here is my beautiful model. her name is Helen and you can see her full model portfolio here:

Here are the shoes for the shoot...

And here are the outfits...though they will be styled up differently than this so as to give the 50's look a very modern twist:

Here is a link to the portfolio of my wonderful make up artist. Here name is Jodie:

And here is a link to the hair stylists profile. Her name is Ruby and im very exciting ed to work with her for the 1st time!

Here is a link to see some of my stylists portfolio. Her name is Sarah:

And here is the website for the designer whose clothes I am very honored to be using!

And lastly, but not my any means least - Thank you in advanced to my friend Russ for allowing me to borrow his awesome Canon 7D for this shoot! Hurray! :D

Monday, 17 May 2010

1 Shoot Down...Behind the Scenes magic!

The day before the 1st photo shoot (The Business Woman shoot) I managed to badly scratch my eye and it got so bad that I ended up in A&E the morning of the photo shoot! I called in a back up photographer to take over from me just in case and I got some stuff from hospital that helped with the pain but made me look a bit like an alien! Despite everything I decided to go ahead with the shoot because I didn't want to let my team down.

We started out at Merka Bar which is a beautiful bar in a fancy hotel called 'My Hotel'. My assistant did a wonderful job setting up my lighting whilst I hovered in a dark bar with my sunglasses on to dull the pain in my eye. As soon as my assistant had worked his magic and my stylist had preened my model, the sunglasses came off and I began shooting. It was a lot of fun and my model did a fantastic job!

Once I was happy with the shots we packed up and headed to out second location - Suga Qube - swanky cocktail bar in the town centre. Unfortunately the room I had booked out had been trashed the night before and the cleaner had not turned we hung around until we were allowed to head on in.

My make up artist whipped out the glitter and we styled the outfit differently. My assistant worked his magic on the lighting again and we began to shoot! I was giving my model a story to follow and to act out for the whole shoot in order to get the 'look' I was after. She was an absolute star and did brilliantly.

After a very long (and painful) day we packed away and went off on our separate ways. I've spent the last 3 days editing in my spare time and I'm so happy with the results! I'm also really proud of my entire team for working so well together and doing such an incredible job. I could not have done it without them and I'm really grateful to all of them for believing in me and giving me their time and super skills!

Here are more behind the scenes pics taken my my lovely lighting assistant...Excuse the fact that I look like a loser...I was super scruffy and looked like an Alien with my dodgy eye! lol


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Body Confidence Shoot - Final Arrangments

Here is my lovely model for the Body Confidence shoot. Her name is Kat and she is super :)
Below are a few (bad quality phone) photos of her outfit for the shoot. My stylist Sarah is also making awesome accessories out of tape measures, netting and pearls for her to wear!

And of course every girl needs shoes to go with her special outfits...

Here is the inspiration for the hair and make up for the shoot:

And here is my long as it doesn't rain!

To see my inspiration photos and to get a better idea of what I'm going for on the day, please follow this link!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Body Confidence - photoshoot ideas

Just a quick update to this blog - the origonal is all below but wanted to add a pic of my super lovely model who has confirmed the shoot, and of a pic of the dress I will most likely be using for the shoot with her (providing the fitting goes well) Im having accessories made for me to match it as I type :-p

So this blog is about the body confidence photo shoot. I've decided to go away from anything to do with eating disorders because it's incredibly hard to get right on camera. So I'm moving towards the idea of what women go through to look/feel glamorous. My current ideas are to have a model doing active/sporty things but looking very glamorous. And to be wearing accessories made out of tape measures to reference the ideas about the pressure to be a certain size. Perhaps I could also reference a 'trashy magazine' that shows off the latest size 0 bodies and latest fad diets also to get the point across but in a subtle way.

I also had an idea to do a studio shoot at home with the same idea & same model, but only shoot beauty shots (so head and shoulders really) If there was a great hair and/or necklace accessory made from tape measures and flawless make up...maybe statement eyes. I think that would look really good :)

I have a meeting tomorrow with my friend who will be making the accessories for this shoot and then a meeting with my MUA later in the week, so I'll bounce ideas off them and keep this blog updates as and when I can!

I asked my designer friend to make me some accessories made out of tape measures for my upcoming shoot and when I went to research photos that included the use of tape measures I came across a girl who sells custom tape measure jewelery! Check her out: