Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Barcelona photos!

I've made a slide show of my favorite photos from Barcelona. The really lovely scenic photos are by Kat and Matt D. The Polaroid ones are by tutor Matt and the others are by me and Grace. (I may add a few more when Sam uploads his photos over the weekend) A bigger, clearer version can be found here:

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

How frustrating!?!

An insert taken from a recent email sent from college -

"Grand Parade Media Centre
Partner college students do not have access rights for equipment loans from the Media Centre;
equipment and loan facilities should be provided by partner institutions."

Who else thinks this sucks and as students who pay full university fees, we should have access to full university equipment and facilities!?!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Designs You MUST see!

My brother is doing a similar course to us. He is in his 2nd year at uni in Blackpool. He has designed his own website to sow off his work. He is an incredible graphic designer...he concepts are amazing and everything he does is unique and well thought through.

If you want to get some inspiration
or just see some art work that you have not seen before, check out his website!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Production Log - Week 5

Well this week has been very productive. I have worked really hard with my project. On Monday I edited all of the film that I had which I was really happy with. I also re recorded my audio track so that It worked better with the film.

Then I began to design my DVD cover...this is not yet fished as I can't quite get the sizing right...

Then on Wednesday I recorded my final scenes. I had to go through to process of getting my friend to transfer them into DV files for me before I could upload them.

By Friday I had the files and spent the whole day finishing off the cutting and editing. I think I have almost finished now...just a few things to go which I'm a bit stuck on, but Im sure I'll figure it out!

On Thursday I designed something which I hoe will by my sleeve for my DVD case. It as the poem inside, on nice photos which I took myself...It took me ages but I'm really pleased with the final results. I still need to re size and test the printing etc.

I've also been putting the final touches to my sketchbook this weekend. I think it's safe to say that I'm almost done and ready to hand in my project.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Our class has spoken! ...Via me...

Just a quick note to say that I attended the Higher Education Focus Group this morning. I think I spoke more than anyone else and I put across everyone's views and opinions of the college in a concise and polite manor. There were 2 students from Digital media - Year 2 who backed up everything I was saying. It was not a meeting about the course, but more about the college itself.

We all said that we would feel much happier in a camps like Grand Parade and we said the reasons for this. I talked about the lack of communal areas, being treated like kids at school with all the various college rules, the fact that we feel cheated out of our money as we are paying full uni prices, but not getting a full ui experience. I also said that we are technically bright students, but we dont have access to everything that the proper Brighton students do. We talked about the lack of facilities and the lack of opportunities to meet new people on similar courses, network and just relax in our break without being surrounded by screaming chavy kids in a crowded cafetiria.

So perhaps it won't make any difference, becuase the are already taking our money for the course...but maybe it helped and at least they are being made aware at every possible occassion that thee things do bother us and we want a change.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Production Log - Week 4

Well week 4 was not overlay productive due to feeling ill, however I have certainly made progress. I am still ill at home, but getting bits done here and there.

Sooo, week 4 I had a lot planned, but various things stopped my progress. I wanted to go into college on Wednesday to start editing but was told that there were no lessons so I decided I had to get my hands on a copy of Final Cut so I could work from home. After a bit of facebook status pleading a friend got in touch telling me he had got me a copy of Final Cut Pro...installing it was not as easy as I had hoped and took several attempts - but i got there in the end!

I then tried to upload the files from the camera I had borrowed onto my mac. Much to my annoyance the camera was not compatable with my mac...I spent a whole day trying to find someone home with a PC who could retrieve the files and tuen them into DV files for me. This took a long long time to do all the files and the ammount of traveling I did to get from my house to my friends house and wait for the files...well it wasted a lot of time and wrote of most of my day. However It finally got done which is great. Bad news is that i've still got a few more scenes to film so I'll have to go through the same process again this week! Still, it's all a learning curve so never mind.

On Sunday I invited my director and editor friend round for dinner. He is the friend from London who gave me advice about filming. He gave me a quick tutorial on Final cut which I found muhc more helpful and useful than the one we had in class. Everything made so much more sense and really sunk in. After Dave left I got stuck into my editing and have actually pieced the whole film together! I left a space for the scenes not yet shot.

So actually I guess I have been quite productive. It's just that it all happened towards the end of week 4!