Monday, 2 February 2009

Production Log - Week 4

Well week 4 was not overlay productive due to feeling ill, however I have certainly made progress. I am still ill at home, but getting bits done here and there.

Sooo, week 4 I had a lot planned, but various things stopped my progress. I wanted to go into college on Wednesday to start editing but was told that there were no lessons so I decided I had to get my hands on a copy of Final Cut so I could work from home. After a bit of facebook status pleading a friend got in touch telling me he had got me a copy of Final Cut Pro...installing it was not as easy as I had hoped and took several attempts - but i got there in the end!

I then tried to upload the files from the camera I had borrowed onto my mac. Much to my annoyance the camera was not compatable with my mac...I spent a whole day trying to find someone home with a PC who could retrieve the files and tuen them into DV files for me. This took a long long time to do all the files and the ammount of traveling I did to get from my house to my friends house and wait for the files...well it wasted a lot of time and wrote of most of my day. However It finally got done which is great. Bad news is that i've still got a few more scenes to film so I'll have to go through the same process again this week! Still, it's all a learning curve so never mind.

On Sunday I invited my director and editor friend round for dinner. He is the friend from London who gave me advice about filming. He gave me a quick tutorial on Final cut which I found muhc more helpful and useful than the one we had in class. Everything made so much more sense and really sunk in. After Dave left I got stuck into my editing and have actually pieced the whole film together! I left a space for the scenes not yet shot.

So actually I guess I have been quite productive. It's just that it all happened towards the end of week 4!

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