Thursday, 5 February 2009

Our class has spoken! ...Via me...

Just a quick note to say that I attended the Higher Education Focus Group this morning. I think I spoke more than anyone else and I put across everyone's views and opinions of the college in a concise and polite manor. There were 2 students from Digital media - Year 2 who backed up everything I was saying. It was not a meeting about the course, but more about the college itself.

We all said that we would feel much happier in a camps like Grand Parade and we said the reasons for this. I talked about the lack of communal areas, being treated like kids at school with all the various college rules, the fact that we feel cheated out of our money as we are paying full uni prices, but not getting a full ui experience. I also said that we are technically bright students, but we dont have access to everything that the proper Brighton students do. We talked about the lack of facilities and the lack of opportunities to meet new people on similar courses, network and just relax in our break without being surrounded by screaming chavy kids in a crowded cafetiria.

So perhaps it won't make any difference, becuase the are already taking our money for the course...but maybe it helped and at least they are being made aware at every possible occassion that thee things do bother us and we want a change.

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