Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Production Log Week 3

Week 3 was very productive. I did my whole story board which was quite an achievement because I really struggle to draw in any way, shape or form! I'm so glad I persevered with the story board because despite looking somewhat scruffy, it really helped me understand how I wanted my film to look and flow.

I met with one of my friends who is an actor and has begun directing short films. We talked about my film idea over coffee and I showed him my treatment and story board. He really loved the idea and understood the story board fully which was a load off my mind! He gave me a few tips about filming and advanced planning which was really helpful.

I bought the only prop I need for the film this week as well. It is a diary. However I was very specific with what I wanted so It took a bit of searching but I found the perfect diary in the ned. I then wrote my poem inside it, in preparation for the filming.

On Friday I drove to Cornwall as I had planned to stay there for the weekend at a B&B. I had planned for most of my film to be set in Cornwall because it is so beautiful and adds to the romance of my film. My film is mainly about one girl and because I was the only girl I knew in Cornwall I had planned to be in the film myself. Luckily I had already planned ahead with how I would shoot myself and this sort of thing doesn't faze me because I've been setting up self portraits of myself for still shots for a few years now, so Im used to it.

I went off to various beaches and shot the scenes I had planned, and a load that I hadn't planned (just in case!) There were certain scenes where I needed the camera to follow me so I asked my boyfriend to film them. I showed him exactly what I wanted him to do so he did it the way I would have done it if I could. On the most part I used a tripod to help me out! I was really lucky with the weather, and I got up in time to shoot before it got dark. BUT I did have trouble with the tide coming in! It was coming in so quickly that I almost got soaked on one scene I did! Luckily the camera and I survived and I finished the rest of the films the day after.

I still have a few more shots to film which I want to do in a more urban surrounding. I will be shooting these this week. I really need to begin the editing process as I have no idea how to really use Final Cut and Im really quite scared about using it and picking it up!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is Life?

Is Life?
Written by Emy Harris 10/09/08

Is life about the destination, and the end in sight?
About the goals and perfect endings at the end of the light.
Or could it just by chance, be the steps that we take;
The journey that we travel and the friends that we make?

Is life about the moments that make us glow inside?
The ones where time stands still, and the ones where time flies.
Is life about success from someone else’s eyes?
Or maybe it’s about success from deep inside our minds.

Is life already planned, with destiny in line?
Whilst faith and stars dictate to us and we look for the signs.
Or do we choose our own path, with every single step?
Creating our own future, with our minds firmly set.

Is life really worth wasting with a negative state of mind?
The clock strikes 12 and we’re another day older in time.
Believe in what makes you happy, and keep it in your sight.
Chase that rainbow, touch the stars and always embrace life.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Production Log - Week 2

This week I have finished off my treatment, read up on camera angles and techniques, and watched various films for inspiration. I wanted to do my story board this week, but I find myself struggling in terms of camera angles and how many types of shots per scene I needed. I've also done a lot of work for my sketch book. This has actually really helped my though process for my film development ideas.

I decided I should take action and some inspiration. So on my day off I met up with my director friend from London. I told him the brief and I explained my film idea to him and asked if he had any advice. He gave me some advice about using a camera in general and he told me how to get the right shots of each scene. It was really helpful to listen to his stories about shoots he has directed. That was definitely the most successful and productive part of my week!

Ive done quite a bit of film research this week and I'll do more next week. I have chosen to scrutinize a few love story films. I think that sounds terrible actually...Normally I get caught up in the story of a film. But I have chosen films which have somehow inspired my short film. And Im re watching them and taking note of the camera angles, how they frame things and move the camera...I want my film to have a similar feel so I think that this research is necessary.

Sooo, some of the films i'm using as research are:

*The Notebook
*A Walk To Remember
*Sliding Doors
*Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Monday, 12 January 2009

My Poem For My Film Project

Perfect Stranger
Written by Emy Harris 07/01/09

I have walked several million steps, and turned many corners,
But only in my dreams had I crossed paths with the perfect stranger.
I know that every experience, no matter how simple,
Has the potential of absolute and momentous brilliance.
And those few insignificant steps towards you created something so special,
I replay those steps, those footprints lost in time, because they lead me to you.

I have experienced many moments, which are planted in my memory.
But to make perfect the presence; to sense, feel and breathe it in?
To stop the clocks ticking briefly and linger in the moment?
To be in the here and now, and not waste energy on the past or the future?
I could not do it without that perfect stranger.

I have caught the glance of a stranger before,
But never have I felt so captivated and so daring as to hold that glance,
And create a life out of one look… A journey where two souls become one.
And all of this because two sets of greeny blue eyes crossed each other’s path.
And two separate hearts skipped a beat, because they knew they were destined to find each other.

I have walked hand in hand before, But never have I felt the earth move beneath my feet,
Like I did when your hand touched mine.
I have been kissed before, But no amount of sparks, fireworks or explosions,
Could explain how I felt when your lips pressed gently against mine.

I have said, “I love you” before,
But never have I said it with such truth, innocence and passion.
To share the same heartbeat, and promise we are each others forever more,
To hope and dream and build a life that is not mine, not yours, but ours…
I have never loved a perfect stranger before. Not until I fell in love with you.

Production Log - Week 1

Our project for the next 6 weeks is Time Based Media. I have never made a film before or edited a film so this is all brand new to me, but I'm very excited about learning new skills and creating a film myself. We were given 4 different images totally unrelated to each other and had to choose one to use as our inspiration. After much consideration and brain storming ideas I chose image 4. The inspiration I got from this image has transformed itself over the course of the week and I have documented how I got from this image to my final concept idea for the film.

I decided that I wanted to film a love story which will look a little like a film trailer, but will also work as being a short film. My step by step process on the left explains my thought process from day 1 to day 7 of week one.

As I mentioned on my step by step drawing, I watched a film called, "The Notebook" this week which has inspired me further. I plan to re watch this film next week to get a better idea of how love stories are shot, such as the angles, timing, effects, music over the top...

My original inspiration was was taken from a music video called 'Ok'. The link is here:

My idea was to film lots and lots of books being opened on different pages, and have a poem read at the same time. Every time the book was closed and a new book was opened it began at the part of the poem that was being read. I was going to add illustration to the books too. However, I then went to the library to find inspiration for a poem and I came across a book of love poems. After reading these poems I was inspired to transform my concept into a love story. This gradually progressed into a solid concept and synopsis!