Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is Life?

Is Life?
Written by Emy Harris 10/09/08

Is life about the destination, and the end in sight?
About the goals and perfect endings at the end of the light.
Or could it just by chance, be the steps that we take;
The journey that we travel and the friends that we make?

Is life about the moments that make us glow inside?
The ones where time stands still, and the ones where time flies.
Is life about success from someone else’s eyes?
Or maybe it’s about success from deep inside our minds.

Is life already planned, with destiny in line?
Whilst faith and stars dictate to us and we look for the signs.
Or do we choose our own path, with every single step?
Creating our own future, with our minds firmly set.

Is life really worth wasting with a negative state of mind?
The clock strikes 12 and we’re another day older in time.
Believe in what makes you happy, and keep it in your sight.
Chase that rainbow, touch the stars and always embrace life.

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