Monday, 12 January 2009

Production Log - Week 1

Our project for the next 6 weeks is Time Based Media. I have never made a film before or edited a film so this is all brand new to me, but I'm very excited about learning new skills and creating a film myself. We were given 4 different images totally unrelated to each other and had to choose one to use as our inspiration. After much consideration and brain storming ideas I chose image 4. The inspiration I got from this image has transformed itself over the course of the week and I have documented how I got from this image to my final concept idea for the film.

I decided that I wanted to film a love story which will look a little like a film trailer, but will also work as being a short film. My step by step process on the left explains my thought process from day 1 to day 7 of week one.

As I mentioned on my step by step drawing, I watched a film called, "The Notebook" this week which has inspired me further. I plan to re watch this film next week to get a better idea of how love stories are shot, such as the angles, timing, effects, music over the top...

My original inspiration was was taken from a music video called 'Ok'. The link is here:

My idea was to film lots and lots of books being opened on different pages, and have a poem read at the same time. Every time the book was closed and a new book was opened it began at the part of the poem that was being read. I was going to add illustration to the books too. However, I then went to the library to find inspiration for a poem and I came across a book of love poems. After reading these poems I was inspired to transform my concept into a love story. This gradually progressed into a solid concept and synopsis!

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