Friday, 5 December 2008

2day I feel like ive been hit by a bus!

I had a job interview today for a dance teacher and it went really well. I don't really have time for another job, but as they approached me quite randomly i thought 'what the hell!' The dance job is teaching kids for parties, and teaching adults for street dance and also for hen parties. The sort of thing id be really good at. And the hours are as and when. So they ask if you’re free and if you are then you do it. If not then you say no. I don’t know the pay but they will tell me next week if im through to the next round.

Oh by the way - this is a photo of my christmas tree! I spent ages putting it together but i think it looks really pretty :0)

Im feeling so rough today! My whole face is bruised now and ive got a black eye :( Im really sore and its so so hard to eat that im really hungry and thirsty all the time! Im seeing one of my best friends Anna tonight to take my mind off of feeling like crap. Anna is awesome by the way (just so you know!)

I went to see my boyfriend Wes play at the end of term bimm gig last night. He was really good. But I didn’t like being there. Bought back loads of rubbish memories from when i used to go to bimm. And I got really frustrated that there were tons of people on stage who could not perform, and I know im loads better than them but not getting anywhere! Im a bit upset this week to be honest cos my best guitarist has quit the band as hes moving to another country all of a sudden. So im not feeling my happiest.

Good news this week is that im doing well with my Christmas shopping and am super organized and ahead of schedule :0) Not hugely interesting but i had to find something positive to say! Oh, and Wes gave me these flowers as a get well soon present which i thought was really sweet :0) So thought id share them! And i do apologise about the rant...sometimes you just gota get stuff out when there is no-one to talk to, and blogs are the best way of doing it!

Oh yeah, i found this photo earlier and i just thought it was really cool, so wanted to share it with you guys :0)

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