Monday, 1 December 2008

Design ideas so far...

Right, well i woke up feeling really rough today and still feel groggy. So i decided id stay home and work on my uni work here rather than go out in the cold and then spread my germs to all of you!
I've got more done at home than i would have done in the lesson so that is good. But i need some input! Im doing Street Talk which is to design something for a phone box. So today ive been makinf various designs for the top section of the phone eyes hurt from staring at a screan too long and I no longer know what I think of anything so i really need to go take a break! Can you tell me what you think, any constructive critisism, or things you like.... All welcome :0)

Oh, to those of you who don't know, im doing an anti bulling campaign! And the bottom section will have all the info about it on (logo and slogan thingy)

anti bullying poster 4

anti bullying poster 3

anti bulling poster 1

anti bulling poster2


Kat said...

I really like the top to, althogh I d like them all. Are you only choosing 1 of these for the final product?

Emy Harris said...

No, I want to create a series...i was going to do 4. Basically i want to use 4 totally different people (all potential victims) and then on all 4 have a similar idea with the post its. And the bottom half which ive not made yet will be the same for all 4. What do you think? I prefer the top 1 as well...but i did like, no editing on that guy cos it was already perfect so im not sure id be allowed to use it...hmmmm?