Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Quay Brothers Exhibition

Rehearsal for extinct Anatomies - "They think they're alone"
Aesthetic and emotional symbolism. Glass panels distort and make it creepy. ..freedom into the aesthetic of the puppet. The dark, creepy style is further enhanced as it is being warped by the glass. You have to bend to view it which adds to the way you view it - It's awkward.

It is also voyaristic --> You are watching them but they can't see you. It is like we are spying on them.

The eyes are pointing to the womans crotch which is exposed. The ball held by the man is in line with ehr vagina. Something about this piece of the artwork seems somewhat pornogrpahic to me.

Piano Tuner of Earthquakes : Doll Furniture
A prism shaped room. A lit ceiling. A door to the left with solor objectts on it. A broken spiral staircase. A lot of barch inside (bits of trees). Bringing the outdoors more indoors, or vice versa. Looks like an earthquake has hit which refers to the title, but I don't understand where the piano tuner comes in? The opposite door has been burst open and destroyed. This is parallel to the solar door.
This counteracts the imagination into a dolls world...the doors are routes into different worlds. The room feels like it's underground, with light from the top pouring in (from the real outside world)
Doll furniture = Being very small. Piano tuner = going inside, behind the world and exploring and adjusting it? Fine ttuning it to your own liking?

The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer - Prague's Alchemis of film.

This does not have a specific meaning on it's own, but in context with te film it would. The symbold and signs are to mean something (use of semiotics) but in this case they are unclear. They mean nothing to me, and do not necesserally have a deap and great meaningwithout watching the film it is based on.
There are 3 versions of the same photo, but they are distorted. The main robot man in the centre looks very similar to the photos.
It seems to me that this has little to do with the film in the scene.
There are lots of '10' and '01' all over the scenery...I can not work out why. This is clearly a form of semiotics but it means nothing to me.

Distortion of perception looking through the projector at th set and scenery.

Name unknown

Reference to religion with the cross. In my opinion, the woodchopper looks very feminine but is clearly a man (he almost looks as though is is gay in terms of his stance and features) He is chopping off is own leg which may well refer back to religion. It is also a possible reference to extreme rightiousness.
There are 3 chopped trees in the background - Possible reference to the trinity. 3 is a strong reference in religion.
The woodchopper is making a literal point from religion when Jesus once said. " it would be better to chop off your hand than to let it lead you into temptation". He looks like a character obsessed with perfection.

Still Nacht 1 : The lining of sleep

Interesting visual use of magnatism. I like how the magnetismn does look like a lining, and how it clings to certain objects.

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies : The Inscriber of Forger. It looks to me like a living compas crossed with a robot, and a dead centapeid! I do not like this enough to ontinue searching for a deaper meaning!

Piano Tuner of Earthquakes : Lacnimi Christi
Face off a man with thorns round his head. A reference to christianity. Jesus had thorns around his head when he was on the cross. The man has blod dripping from the thorns.THis is going all over his face and the organ.

The organ --> This instrument is always seen in church. Another reference to religion.

The mans hands are tied with rope. This is another reference to religion as Jusus had his hands tied with rope when he was arrested, on his way to the cross.

The fingers playing the organ are very odd! They are broken off...there are only bits of fingers. There is no way those two hands coul actually play an organ!

All in all and quite simply, this is just a cabinet with an organ. The face looks like a cabenit door that can open.

Moliere's Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme - From the set design for this ballet.

Very intricate and delicate. Very different from the rest of the artwork in the gallery. Basic use of colors - white and navy blue. Shapes of the lines draw your eye around the scene. This is asthetically pleasing on the eye.


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