Thursday, 4 December 2008

Wanna see something discustingly weird!?

Well i believe i accidentally turned off my alarm clock in my sleep this morning, and woke up feeling somewhat sore (cos of the operation) So rather than going into uni late ive decided to stay home and do tons of work here. So im going to write up my notes on that interesting art gallery we saw last week and add some photos.

But 1st i gota use this blog as a blog...cos it is a blog so im going to actually BLOG.

Ok, so i had a tooth implant on Tuesday. And it was meant to be a couple of hours long. But there were complications and i was in the dentist chair for just over 3 hours and omg my neck hurt in that time! I had the injections to make me all numb, but tthey wore off after a bit so then i could actually feel them drilling inside my mouth. At whihc i went "aghhhh!" and then quicly pumped me up with more injections. So apparently my origonal tooth had broken into 15 pieces and they were a nightmare to detach. So ive got a really yuky looking lip which has allowed everyone to tell me that, "people pay a lot of money to have lips like you've got now!" But i have to then tell them that these people will generally have both lips done; not just the one! So for pure yuk factor, i think i shall share my discusting lip with you, cos how often do you get a massive purple lip? Well not often! Its gota be blogged!

Ok, so i know its totaly discusting...but i feel the need to share this anyway! And omg, im going to a massive gig tonight filled with people i used to know and i look like this! Nooo! Im definitely wearing my big scarf and dressing up as a bandit tonight!

(on 2nd thoughts, i will do the art stuff in my next blog...)


mesmerized said...

ouuuuuuuuuuuuch that looks sooo painful sweetie!! :( and bless you for taking photos thats so funny but thats why i love u!!! and do u know what? u DO still look beautiful!!! it is crazy!!! i reeeeeeeeaally hope it goes down soon hun, lots of love xxxxxx

Emy Harris said...

Hahah, i know im very silly...the camera is my friend even with bruises. :D I took them so i can show people who wont get to see and I can say "look how i brave I was" haha

And still beautiful...well im not sure, but its very nice to hear you and Wes both say it. Makes me feel much better :0)

Kat said...

Ouch! Hope you feel better soon and the swelling goes down ~hugs~

Emy Harris said...

Thank you Kat! :0)