Monday, 12 January 2009

My Poem For My Film Project

Perfect Stranger
Written by Emy Harris 07/01/09

I have walked several million steps, and turned many corners,
But only in my dreams had I crossed paths with the perfect stranger.
I know that every experience, no matter how simple,
Has the potential of absolute and momentous brilliance.
And those few insignificant steps towards you created something so special,
I replay those steps, those footprints lost in time, because they lead me to you.

I have experienced many moments, which are planted in my memory.
But to make perfect the presence; to sense, feel and breathe it in?
To stop the clocks ticking briefly and linger in the moment?
To be in the here and now, and not waste energy on the past or the future?
I could not do it without that perfect stranger.

I have caught the glance of a stranger before,
But never have I felt so captivated and so daring as to hold that glance,
And create a life out of one look… A journey where two souls become one.
And all of this because two sets of greeny blue eyes crossed each other’s path.
And two separate hearts skipped a beat, because they knew they were destined to find each other.

I have walked hand in hand before, But never have I felt the earth move beneath my feet,
Like I did when your hand touched mine.
I have been kissed before, But no amount of sparks, fireworks or explosions,
Could explain how I felt when your lips pressed gently against mine.

I have said, “I love you” before,
But never have I said it with such truth, innocence and passion.
To share the same heartbeat, and promise we are each others forever more,
To hope and dream and build a life that is not mine, not yours, but ours…
I have never loved a perfect stranger before. Not until I fell in love with you.


mesmerized said...

Hunni this is amazing :) really, really beautiful. You're so clever. It's gorgeous :) xxx

Emy Harris said...

Thank you :D