Sunday, 18 January 2009

Production Log - Week 2

This week I have finished off my treatment, read up on camera angles and techniques, and watched various films for inspiration. I wanted to do my story board this week, but I find myself struggling in terms of camera angles and how many types of shots per scene I needed. I've also done a lot of work for my sketch book. This has actually really helped my though process for my film development ideas.

I decided I should take action and some inspiration. So on my day off I met up with my director friend from London. I told him the brief and I explained my film idea to him and asked if he had any advice. He gave me some advice about using a camera in general and he told me how to get the right shots of each scene. It was really helpful to listen to his stories about shoots he has directed. That was definitely the most successful and productive part of my week!

Ive done quite a bit of film research this week and I'll do more next week. I have chosen to scrutinize a few love story films. I think that sounds terrible actually...Normally I get caught up in the story of a film. But I have chosen films which have somehow inspired my short film. And Im re watching them and taking note of the camera angles, how they frame things and move the camera...I want my film to have a similar feel so I think that this research is necessary.

Sooo, some of the films i'm using as research are:

*The Notebook
*A Walk To Remember
*Sliding Doors
*Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

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