Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Production Log Week 3

Week 3 was very productive. I did my whole story board which was quite an achievement because I really struggle to draw in any way, shape or form! I'm so glad I persevered with the story board because despite looking somewhat scruffy, it really helped me understand how I wanted my film to look and flow.

I met with one of my friends who is an actor and has begun directing short films. We talked about my film idea over coffee and I showed him my treatment and story board. He really loved the idea and understood the story board fully which was a load off my mind! He gave me a few tips about filming and advanced planning which was really helpful.

I bought the only prop I need for the film this week as well. It is a diary. However I was very specific with what I wanted so It took a bit of searching but I found the perfect diary in the ned. I then wrote my poem inside it, in preparation for the filming.

On Friday I drove to Cornwall as I had planned to stay there for the weekend at a B&B. I had planned for most of my film to be set in Cornwall because it is so beautiful and adds to the romance of my film. My film is mainly about one girl and because I was the only girl I knew in Cornwall I had planned to be in the film myself. Luckily I had already planned ahead with how I would shoot myself and this sort of thing doesn't faze me because I've been setting up self portraits of myself for still shots for a few years now, so Im used to it.

I went off to various beaches and shot the scenes I had planned, and a load that I hadn't planned (just in case!) There were certain scenes where I needed the camera to follow me so I asked my boyfriend to film them. I showed him exactly what I wanted him to do so he did it the way I would have done it if I could. On the most part I used a tripod to help me out! I was really lucky with the weather, and I got up in time to shoot before it got dark. BUT I did have trouble with the tide coming in! It was coming in so quickly that I almost got soaked on one scene I did! Luckily the camera and I survived and I finished the rest of the films the day after.

I still have a few more shots to film which I want to do in a more urban surrounding. I will be shooting these this week. I really need to begin the editing process as I have no idea how to really use Final Cut and Im really quite scared about using it and picking it up!


Kat said...

WOW! It looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see the film! They're al gona b e sooo different! lol

mesmerized said...

I cannot wait to see the film Emy :) It's gonna be awesome. P.S. is the actor friend Russ? hehe x