Saturday, 7 February 2009

Production Log - Week 5

Well this week has been very productive. I have worked really hard with my project. On Monday I edited all of the film that I had which I was really happy with. I also re recorded my audio track so that It worked better with the film.

Then I began to design my DVD cover...this is not yet fished as I can't quite get the sizing right...

Then on Wednesday I recorded my final scenes. I had to go through to process of getting my friend to transfer them into DV files for me before I could upload them.

By Friday I had the files and spent the whole day finishing off the cutting and editing. I think I have almost finished now...just a few things to go which I'm a bit stuck on, but Im sure I'll figure it out!

On Thursday I designed something which I hoe will by my sleeve for my DVD case. It as the poem inside, on nice photos which I took myself...It took me ages but I'm really pleased with the final results. I still need to re size and test the printing etc.

I've also been putting the final touches to my sketchbook this weekend. I think it's safe to say that I'm almost done and ready to hand in my project.

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