Monday, 17 May 2010

1 Shoot Down...Behind the Scenes magic!

The day before the 1st photo shoot (The Business Woman shoot) I managed to badly scratch my eye and it got so bad that I ended up in A&E the morning of the photo shoot! I called in a back up photographer to take over from me just in case and I got some stuff from hospital that helped with the pain but made me look a bit like an alien! Despite everything I decided to go ahead with the shoot because I didn't want to let my team down.

We started out at Merka Bar which is a beautiful bar in a fancy hotel called 'My Hotel'. My assistant did a wonderful job setting up my lighting whilst I hovered in a dark bar with my sunglasses on to dull the pain in my eye. As soon as my assistant had worked his magic and my stylist had preened my model, the sunglasses came off and I began shooting. It was a lot of fun and my model did a fantastic job!

Once I was happy with the shots we packed up and headed to out second location - Suga Qube - swanky cocktail bar in the town centre. Unfortunately the room I had booked out had been trashed the night before and the cleaner had not turned we hung around until we were allowed to head on in.

My make up artist whipped out the glitter and we styled the outfit differently. My assistant worked his magic on the lighting again and we began to shoot! I was giving my model a story to follow and to act out for the whole shoot in order to get the 'look' I was after. She was an absolute star and did brilliantly.

After a very long (and painful) day we packed away and went off on our separate ways. I've spent the last 3 days editing in my spare time and I'm so happy with the results! I'm also really proud of my entire team for working so well together and doing such an incredible job. I could not have done it without them and I'm really grateful to all of them for believing in me and giving me their time and super skills!

Here are more behind the scenes pics taken my my lovely lighting assistant...Excuse the fact that I look like a loser...I was super scruffy and looked like an Alien with my dodgy eye! lol


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