Monday, 3 May 2010

Body Confidence - photoshoot ideas

Just a quick update to this blog - the origonal is all below but wanted to add a pic of my super lovely model who has confirmed the shoot, and of a pic of the dress I will most likely be using for the shoot with her (providing the fitting goes well) Im having accessories made for me to match it as I type :-p

So this blog is about the body confidence photo shoot. I've decided to go away from anything to do with eating disorders because it's incredibly hard to get right on camera. So I'm moving towards the idea of what women go through to look/feel glamorous. My current ideas are to have a model doing active/sporty things but looking very glamorous. And to be wearing accessories made out of tape measures to reference the ideas about the pressure to be a certain size. Perhaps I could also reference a 'trashy magazine' that shows off the latest size 0 bodies and latest fad diets also to get the point across but in a subtle way.

I also had an idea to do a studio shoot at home with the same idea & same model, but only shoot beauty shots (so head and shoulders really) If there was a great hair and/or necklace accessory made from tape measures and flawless make up...maybe statement eyes. I think that would look really good :)

I have a meeting tomorrow with my friend who will be making the accessories for this shoot and then a meeting with my MUA later in the week, so I'll bounce ideas off them and keep this blog updates as and when I can!

I asked my designer friend to make me some accessories made out of tape measures for my upcoming shoot and when I went to research photos that included the use of tape measures I came across a girl who sells custom tape measure jewelery! Check her out:

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