Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Real Women - Exhibition piece ideas

to my lovely creative team and friends who are following what i'm up to with my exhibition piece - please read and if you have any thoughts/ideas I would love to hear them! Thanks :)

My concept is about representing women who feel lost, trapped and overwhelmed on the inside, whilst putting on a front to the rest of the world. I want to capture both their ‘perfect world’ and their inner most thoughts, feelings and fears. I have chosen to represent 3 different types of women in three separate photo shoots.

Woman 1

High powered business woman who juggles too many things in her life. Earns a lot of money but does not have the time to spend it, let alone take time out to relax, calm down and sort out any problems that life throws her way. When many women would seek help and support during times of extreme stress, there are some women who feel they do not have the time and turn to quick fixes. From a multitude of prescription drugs to illegal drugs and alcohol.

POSSIBLE IDEA - making an outfit from little bags of fake drugs, pills/drug bottles, bits of bear cans/lids and caps. Nail extension made from £50 notes... Any thoughts or inspiration from that?

Woman 2

‘Desperate Housewife’. There are many women with a young child/children who choose to embrace a traditional role of housewife: cooking, cleaning and chores in addition to caring for the children. However some ‘house wives’ struggle with the transition of becoming a house wife after swapping their professional life for this new one. Feeling overwhelmed, trapped, lonely and depressed are all outlooks easily adopted by an overworked housewife and can lead to a breakdown in various ways.

POSSIBLE IDEA - using powder/glitter to cover the model for the 2nd look (representing flour or something to do with baking). Sitting or standing in a kitchen perhaps, defeated and broken down surrounded by a mess of her homemaker life. Any thoughts or inspiration from that?

Woman 3

The pressure to look ‘perfect’ is plastered all over the media. With approximately six billion people in the world, and a mere ten million of them suffering with some type of disordered eating, the media obviously doesn't cause everyone to develop Anorexia, Bulimia or Compulsive Overeating. However the media most certainly contributes to dieting and size discrimination. On television, in magazines and newspapers, we are continually exposed to the notion that losing weight will make us happier, more successful, find/keep love etc. These issues trouble many women who become obsessed and overwhelmed with the need to achieve and maintain an unhealthy thin ‘look’.

POSSIBLE IDEA - making an outfit from tape measures for the 2nd look. Or creating a noose (for hanging) out of a tape measure. Any thoughts or inspiration from that?

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