Monday, 12 April 2010

Exhibition shoot - so far so good!

Yesterday I had a meeting with my make up artist and stylist. We met for coffee and discussed my exhibition photo shoot in depth! I am aiming pretty big with what I want and luckily for me, Rachel (the stylist) has encouraged me to think big and go grab what I want! Hurrah - just the girl Ive been looking to work with! She had some great ideas to add to mine, as did my lovely MUA, Jodie.

So there will be 1 massive concept and there are going to be 3 separate photo shoots shot in close proximity of each other. 3 models, 2 or 3 hair stylists and make up artists, one stylist, a clothes designer, a couple of assistants...and I expect more people will be added to the team as well. I'm down a couple of hair stylists and not all the models have been cast, but once the shoots are officially set out and thought through, I'll finish casting the right people.

So that's me for now! Rachel sent me lots of great photos for style inspiration and here are my favorite images :0)
(I would credit the photographers etc bit i don't know where they were from - sorry!)

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