Friday, 26 March 2010

Exhibition ideas and thoughts



In early June I will be taking part in a Brighton based art exhibition. I have set myself a brief to create a set of photos that would fit well in a fashion mag such as Vogue or Harpers Bizarre. And when the images are done I'll mock them up as if they are in the mag. I will also be sending the best photos off to both local and national magazines in the hopes to get one foot in the door and secure a feature. Anyone involved will have the high res images to use in their portfolio and will be credited wherever the images are shown, be it online or in print.


My concept I've decided on is basically looking past the mask/show that women put on every day in order to get through life. I want photos of women who look 'perfect' and happy. Think Brie Hodge from Desperate Housewives. Not a hair out of place, perfect make up - very well put together. And then I want the other page to have an image of them looking the way they feel on the inside when the 'mask' has been taken off.

I was inspired by an article in a recent issue of Harpers Bizarre which was about how women in their 30's to 40's are the highest percentage of who suffer from prescription drug addictions. This is due to them being so busy with work, marriage, kids etc that they have no time to themselves and find it so hard to cope that they find unhealthy 'quick fixes'. I want to delve into this subject and create conceptual images with a very fashion edge to it.


So I'm looking for up and coming fashion designers, clothes stylists, hair stylists, make up artists, and ideas for great locations within the Sussex area if possible.

So far I have one very talented make up artist, but I want to have 3 different models with 3 different looks - but the same concept. So I either need a large team, or need 3 separate shoots and a smaller team. But if you are interested in taking part and feel that your ideas and talents would benefit this shoot then I would love to hear from you! I am very open to ideas from everyone I work with in order to make this project a team effort. Please have a portfolio online of previous work to show me in order to showcase your talents.


I would like to get the shoot done by late April or early May. This is because I will then need time to re touch etc and I'll be making promotional postcards to send off to photography agencies, studios, design companies etc in order to promote the exhibition and I would like to use one of the photos from the shoot to go on the post card.

Here are my ideas style wise for the perfectly preened photos...

Photo Above - Copyright: Maurice Pierot

Photo above -

Copyright of photo above = Drextina

Copyright of photo above = TheEighthSin

Copyright of photo above: SE © 2010 -

Here are my ideas for the 'she feels like a mess on the inside' photos...

Photo Above found here:
Photo above - ©2010 *sarahlouisejohnson
Photo above photographed by Luca Patrrone© Zhang Jingna

Photo Above - Copyright: Kristina V Mack

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