Friday, 31 October 2008

This week has been pretty full on so far!

I should really be asleep in bed cos i am exhausted (it's 2am)...but im a bit wound up to be honest...and writing (rambling tends to help) I can't be bothered to write about the lessons this week. As i tend to say now, just read Chris's blog and you'll get good gist of the lessons! lol. My main thing was that i finally made progress on my work this week (thanks to Chris for a big nudge in the right direction!) Oh I know what else happened - student rep meeting! Very boring affair I must say! But i put the points across to the board that you guys had talked to me about. AND I came up with a great idea to make uni life better for us. me and Chris are gunna start work on it Monday! It's a secret for now...but we'll have it ready for you guys soon!

Ive not had any chance to do any of my work though since uni which is really frustrating...I had some paid photography work on Tuesday which was sooo hard. And ive got loads of editing to do still. And ive been working over time to get some extra money...Im £500 in debt cos i got scammed In London recently so im having to work extra hard now to afford to live. A bit suckey but hey can be re earnt and life goes on.

Oh yeah what else, i got offered a photography job this week. A Brighton modeling agency are doing a new project and need a photographer to take photos of their potential models for portfolios. It's gunna be once every fortnight at 1st, but get more work as it gets better known. And not bad pay. But that is cool cos will be really good experience and good for my portfolio too :0) Oh and extra money is always great!

I'm in the process of creating a new band at the mo as is my life if i'm honest...i love art and design and all that jazz but I cant live without doing music and its my main ambition. So im driving hard with that. Im auditioning 2 guitarists this weekend so fingers crossed. ive got myself a drummer which is great, and my boyfriend is my bassist. And he is more fantastic than I ever hoped to find in a bassist to be honest. But now im worried cos he's been found by some major labels and has auditions this weekend for a signed band and he'll have to put uni and Brighton life on hold if he gets it cos of the touring. So from a girlfriend point of view im very supportive...but from a band point of view im silently freaking out cos bassists and writers like him are soooo hard to come by! And I know I sound really selfish which makes me angry at myself...but i cant tell anyone so im blogging it to get it out! Don't judge me! Blogs are just a good way to let of steam! And at the most I'll get Chris, Kat and Julie reading this...and you dont know my boyfriend so I think Im safe!

On a final note, I saw High School Musical 3 this week. I dont care if you have now lost all respect for me...It was amazing! I cant stop listening to the soundtrack! lol. Sounds so sad but im so in love with it! So HSM3 is my pick of the week! lol. Sooo not like the other 2. Very well filmed and choreographed (and cos i was a performing arts student before I moved to brighton I appreciate stuff like that!)

Anyhoo, I better go to bed. Im gunna be editing photos from the shoot in the morning, then im at work in the eve. And then out for a friends im gunna have to put uni work on hold again and work my ass off in lesson on Monday :-s

Muchos Love xXx


Christopher said...

congrats on the new job :)

Emy Harris said...

Thank you! :)