Thursday, 23 October 2008

Student Reppin' ... and lack of communicatin!?!

Righty then, well Chris and I have been elected student reps! Which i think is awesome and I think we will work well together :0) Ben made us a little picture which is damn cool and has put it on our facebook group. I have added a discussion on there so everyone can say what they do and dont like about uni and the course. That way me and Chris can work together to get everyone's opinions together and voice them appropriately.

I get the impression that a handful of us are getting frustrated...and this sort of frustration will no doubt lead to anxiety and the total lack of desire to want to go into uni every lesson.

It feels to me like the tutors are not communicating very well, if at all to each other. Because as much as we all think that the teachers are great, its annoying that each one expects something different from the same project. We have all had a rant together about Mondays lesson where we were asked to show our ideas to Julie and then got told we could/should maybe do another idea that relates in no way to our current idea...but we are meant to be working on our final piece why are we being told to do new ideas? (If anyone heard Joes' mega rant about a politician then you will know what im talking about)

Then on Wedneasday (and this is my favorite lesson generally) we were expecting to present our work to class for some feedback. And I (and others) love this can get feedback from about 17 other creative minds and it can really inspire you and spur you on. But this did not happen. Instead, half the class got great feedback from Yuki, whilst the other half (my half of the room!) were forgotton about. So many of us felt uninspired and were not sure where to go next with the designs becuase we really need some creative input at the stages we are now at.

I was not prepared to leave without any I got some feedback from Yuki in the end, but i had to stay behind 20 minutes for it...where as most people got their feedback in class and got to go home. I'm not saying this is a terrible thing cos im really glad that Yuki had time to stay and help. But It did make me run late for the next thing I was doing that day and it seems unfair that we were not given the time we deserved in the lesson. So perhaps on this occassion time managment is the issue and we should all buy Yuki a watch for christmas...

So, to continue back to this lack of communication...I think many of us are agreed that the tempo is all wrong. And when we go in on Monday im fairly sure Julie will be expecting to see something amazing and developed...not more research and rubbishy mock ups and me saying "well im waiting for Yuki to develop my ideas with me cos im stuck! And she told me to wait till I next see her before I start re developing"

Anyways, I do feel better having got that out my system...and I hear people maoning about the same things each lesson but not blogging I figure I would blog it just so someone has voiced an overall opinion!

p.s. 3 of the photos are sort of relevent to the blog...the last one is just really funny so I thought id wack it in!

Peach out xxx


bennyw01 said...

LOL CATS, I CAN HAS CHEEZE BURGER NOW PLEASE? (i dunno if youll understand that or not :P hope you do)

Christopher said...

haha, that last pictures awsome :P

wicked blog... i totaly agree with the comunication thing, i think it's coz our wednesday lessons are ment 2 b learning software but we all no photoshop! but that's no excuse! and you're right, julie will be expecting something more then any one has done!

i think we should just rebel on wednesdays and go round the group and discuss ideas, even if not every one wants to or we're not ment to, f the rules! lol

altho it's kinda just yuki and julie that need to sort there lives out lol 'coz mickhalls lessons are amazing!


Emy Harris said...

Chris - you think his lessons are amazing? I kinda like them...but i feel really behind cos ive never ever discussed art before. That essay really hurt my brain today! Though as we've said, it's great that we get to go to art galleries. And yeah - lets rebel and do what wwe want on Wednesdays! I could really do with learning Illustrator...or new stuff on photoshop! If we are meant to be learning software then why the hell aren't we!

Ben - I have no idea what your on about :-p But im glad you liked the picture anyways! lol And thanks for the shout out on your latest blog for me and Chris :0)

bennyw01 said...

maybe i spend too much time on the internet

Emy Harris said...

hahaha! I love that site ben! Maybe you do spend too much time online...but i appreciate the link :D