Monday, 6 October 2008

Day 1 gone and a bit of an Intro to me!

Well I have officially done day one at uni, and I loved every minute of it! I never enjoyed school or the last college or uni I went to cos when it comes to learning, I have the attention span of a fish or something. I have to learn by doing, and keep swapping and changing. So yeah, i loved the 1st day and i'm really happy about being here. Plus, this might sound lame, but everyone seems so nice and cool. All the past colleges etc i was at - well most people I met were total knobs and up their own ass! Which makes me sound a bit negative (im not!) but i think it's cos i've studied music, dance and that sort of thing attracts certain types of people as an overall thing. Anyhoo, all I mean to say is - you guys are all awesome!

So not much else to say right now. But I've upload a few bits of work I've done recently so you can see some of what Im into - creative design wise!

p.s. I know lots about photoshop but not anything else so if anyone wants to take pitty and teach me how to propperly use the other programs like Illustrator - well id really appreciate it and love you forever!


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bennyw01 said...

lol yeah i am a bit of a girl about trainers, i liking the pictures and i love the effects on the backgrounds of the pictures at the bottom, colours work well xx