Saturday, 9 October 2010

London Fashion Week 2010

Ive been meaning to update my blog in ages but ive been so so busy! So im starting here and hopfully I can keep this up! I wanna share a some pics from London Fashion Week which I modeled in a few weeks ago.  I can't believe I actually got cast for it without having an agent - I pushed hard to find my way into a  casting! haha!

The week itself was manic. I think I'm currently the queen of many different hats! Juggling so many different things in one week and being someone different to everyone I meet! From the receptionist to the freelance photographer, to the singer, to the design the model! It was manic and I was exhausted from it all but It was an awesome week!

I must be honest and say that my 1st day was a little scary and I got a little upset at 1st because I was told I was 'too big' a few too many times. I'm roughly a size 10 but most clothes were a size 6 so I understand, but I wont take it to heart by any means. I took it on the chin and rocked the runway!

I walked in 3 shows for LFW and it was a super cool and interesting experience. Below are some photos from my crazy LFW experience!

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