Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Castings and meeting some lovely Sikhs! :)

Yesterday was a brilliant day. I went to London (nothing new there!) I started off by going to a casting that I had arranged for myself. It was to be a model for London Fashion Week. I took my highest heals and was as charming as possible. The women who were casting were lovely and said that my walk was great and I would be part of LFW - result! :D  I'm just waiting for the full details to come through so I know exactly what I'm doing.

After my casting (which was in Covent Garden) I went to M&S for my lunch. I spent far too long in a cue which stretched around the entire store like a kind of snake, surrounded by extremely grumpy Londoners who all looked like they needed a holiday!

After lunch I jumped on the tube and went to Shepherds Bush. I was on a mission to find a Sikh Temple that I had researched! My sister works for a charity called 'Advice Now'
She often asks me for photos to use on their website and in their magazine. This month she needed a photo of a young Sikh man. The photo will be put with an article about the Sikh community to open peoples monds and work towards stopping discrimination.

So after getting lost in London, a little old lady offered to take me to the temple. (How sweet!) When I arrived I explained what I was there for and everyone was so open and friendly! They were happy to have their photos taken.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet them all and they even gave me some home made curry that they had just made for themselves! :D
Here is the temple I visited:

I have posted a few photos below of the people I met at the Temple. Enjoy!

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