Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fun Photos :)

Last week I invited my friends Izzy & Jodie round my flat for some photo shoot fun. I met Izzy when we both modeled in Brighton Fashion Week recently, and Jodie of course is my main make up artist.   

I wanted to do a really simple and fresh shoot. Something with really clean make up, hair tied back... maybe sounds a bit boring compared to other shoots Ive done but actually it was so much fun and Ive wanted to something like this for ages!  

The make up looked flawless and Izzy being the super beautiful and funny girl that she is - well she was a pleasure to shoot and we kept each other entertained!

After I had got the shots I wanted I decided to just have fun and Izzy pulled all manor of faces...I have posted these silly photos on my blog as you can see. 

Please take a look at my official website and my flickr to view my proper photos from the shoot :D

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