Saturday, 15 January 2011

A look back at 2010

2010 has been full of ups, downs and creative endeavors.  I'm feeling positive about what 2011 has to offer! My new years resolution is to value my work more and therefore stop doing so much for free - too much stress and no free time!  But right now Id like to look back at some of my most memorable times from 2010 (well, the ones I have photos of anyway!)

2010 started and ended with snow! My friend Roz and I took advantage and played in the snow in January!

Then I got myself into a little studio for a spot of recording.

On a very cold winters day I stood in a forest to help my friend Anna get her 1st music video made!

I said goodbye to my old car, and hello to my new car! Meet Glitzy Noodle!

I visited my beautiful cat Jessie for the last time and had to say goodbye to her for the final time so she could go on a new adventure to cat heaven.

I had my 1st ever exhibition in Brighton where I worked my ass off to create my best fashion and conceptual images yet!

I said goodbye to my friends at university...

Because I graduated my foundation degree - Hurrah!

I spent some of my spare time soaking in the sun with friends :)

I took a trip to Scotland with my boyfriend - Wes, and took lots of beautiful landscape photos!

We also went to Cornwall to visit the Eden Project!

Wes and I had a lovely break whilst visiting my mum in Devon.

I took lots more photos!

I visited my brother in Blackpool and saw an amazing drag snow called Funny Girls!

I went to see my brothers 1st ever art exhibition in a fancy gallery in Manchester!

I orgonised an amazing surprise birthday party for my friend!

I celebrated my 24th birthday with my closest friends in Brighton.

I took runway classes and managed to get into 3 runway shows for Brighton Fashion Week, AND 3 shows for London Fashion Week!

I carried on taking photos into winter, convincing my models to freeze for fashion!

Ive said goodbye to friends who have moved away...

And Hello to new friends!

I learned a new form of art one dreary Sunday afternoon!

I Ice skated for the very 1st time at Brighton Pavilion!

And the snow returned, slowing life down all over Brighton and beyond!

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