Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hunting for the right team!

Right, so I'm looking to work with some pretty unique people this year. Last year was all about finishing my degree and setting up my photography business.  This year I want to push the boundaries of what can be achieved within the realm of fashion, photography and everything that comes with it.  I managed a few projects last year which involved designers, stylists, models and hair/make up artists. I don't think I really slept during these times becuase it was so new and somewhat terrifying to me! And becuase I was doing everything from concept, to getting permission for locations, to major time management for the whole team...and of course the photography, creative direction, editing and printing!   it was a bit much, but I learnt a lot!

I want to go bigger than I have gone before, but I want to find others who want the same thing and who can relieve some of the pressure! Last week I had a very successful meeting in Brighton with the editor of Brighton Fashion Week and the stylist. They are interested in working with me and turning my visions into reality. Between us we have a ton of contacts - it's all very exciting.  We are only in the early stages right now - getting a full team together for our first shoot - but I can't wait!

The one thing I really want (apart from some fab up and coming designers!) is a set designer/artistic director. Someone who can visualize and interpret concepts into something unique and exciting to photograph. Ideally it would be someone who has their own mind and ideas, as well as someone who can interpret a rough concept/brief.

The photos will be published on the Brighton Fashion Week blog which has a wide following, but there is also talk of Brighton Fashion Week getting a regular slot in 'Sussex Life' and 'Latest 7' so there is perhaps scope to be featured in them. This would be a starting point for us and allow us to approach higher end designers, models and magazines in the future.

The creative team so far are fantastic and everyone is involved becuase they love fashion, they love getting creative and seeing their vision develop, and they love working with like minded people. Unfortunately the work is not paid becuase we wont be earning any money from anything - Its about recognition within the industry we love and moving onwards and upwards as a team of creatives and future friends :0)

If there is anyone who thinks they fit the bill or knows of someone then please get in touch! And if you are an up and coming designer or experienced model I would also love to hear from you! 

I was recently inspired by a  young up and coming set/accessory and props designer.  Take a look at his work. It's pretty impressive and he is so young still!

Photos Below: Set design by Luke Abbey. Photography by Damon Baker.

And here are some photos that have inspired me to wanna do what I do. Most were found from other blogs so unfortunately I don't know most of the photographers. However a couple were found on Luke Abbeys website (see above) 


Peace said...

I'm interested in modelling for you.

Emy Harris said...

Can you send me a link to your portfolio? Thanks.