Thursday, 10 February 2011



If you already follow me one way or another then you'll already know that I'm a Brighton based photographer who specialises in fashion, portraits and weddings. I'm currently creating a new website and new promotional flyers specifically for my wedding packages. I do of course have lots of lovely photos of couples, but I would like to promote my wedding and civil ceremony packages to gay couples in particular becuase the few civil ceremonies I have done have been an absolute pleasure!

I am therefore looking to take some new photos to use for my website and my flyers. This photo shoot is FREE. We will shoot for 45 mins/1 hour and I will then retouch the best 5 photos. You will receive these photos by email the same week. Even better if you are a gay married couple so I can take a few shots of you both with your wedding bands on!

The reason it is free is firstly because I need you! And secondly becuase I will also ask you to sign a release form to agree that I have full permission to use the edited photos for my promotion.

I need these photos ready by the end of February/beginning of March so I will accept the first 4 or 5 couples who get in touch. Either two women or 2 men. No age restrictions as long as you are over 18. It doesn't matter what you look like - I'm not after models. I am looking for real couples in love who want some romantic and funky photos together. Dressing to impress is recommended - whether you want to be super smart or proudly show of your individual style.

Please view my website before replying and check that you like my style of photography if you have not already seen it. I am available most mornings and most weekends for shoots.

Inspiration photos were damn hard to find...but Ive got a bunch aftr some effort and digging. See below:

Ive managed to get 3 booked in in less than 24 hours, but I need a couple more couples to help me out! Get in touch if your up for the fun!

Emy :)

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