Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Well look at us!

Here we all are...well, half of us (the half that decided to come out to the Pav Tav last night. I knew quite a lot of people there (purely cos ive lived here 3 years and most of my friends hang out there) so it was hard to socialise propperly with everyone. But what's with all of us splitting up so soon? Grrrr! Not to sound all moany (though ive had a rough day so you'll have to excuse me) but it would have been really awesome to have everyone all stuck together for a while longer to just hang out and chat and be all social...cos then we went off to seperate places (seeing as we all have varied tastes in music and clubs). And i followed those of you who went to Audio (which i personally thought sucked as a club that night!) It was just...full of kids that looked 10 years old getting wrecked and dancing in a wierd way to indie music ive never heard of (im not particually eclectic with music...but i like it that way!) So i didn't stay very long. Thanks to Matt though for offering to pay for my entrance. I know Wes payed for me, but thank you for offering :0)

Anyways, rant over. Im just angry cos 1 of the places i work for is really messing me around and it's really stressed me out! Im working in Skegness from Friday to Sunday. Going round all the clubs and what not in a Butlins place and selling them. Its for a company called Picture Pal who I used 2 work for. I quit but they asked their top 4 sales people to go do an even in Skeggy and I need the dollah (its commission based you see) So I shall be selling my ass off for 3 days to drunk chavs. Me and 1 of the other girls have bought glow sticks and we are gunna sell them along with the photos to make some extra cash and bribe the chavs to buy more photos :D

Hmm, should I be talking about uni work...ok - im doing Street Talk. Doing an anti bulling campaign for it. Ive got some cool ideas mainly involving photography. I may well find myself some proper models and a makeup artist to really get it right...still coming up with concepts, but im really excited about it!

And lastly, here is a photo we took in class. We were bored and it was fun! xXx


Bobby's Bits said...

i point the finger at grace for the audio thing!!

Kat said...

Grace went to Belushi's bar in the end tho :P

Emy Harris said...

hmmm, very valid points! Never mind, at least we all got out for a little bit!