Thursday, 6 November 2008

It's Done! Woop di woop!

Oh hell yeah - the 1st assignment is done! Im gunna hand it in tomorrow. But im well impressed cos i had it all packed and ready to take in by 6pm. And I did naf all in lessons all week cos i finished my sketchbook and design at home by Tuesday. So here we go, here is my final design of neo-retro awesomeness :0)

Sooo, this week haas been really tiring so far, and next week is set to be much more so. Basically ive been doing the uni work. And working at my normal job (receptionist) and doing photo editing for a freelance job which is draining! I had my meeting today for that photogrpahy job i rambled about in my last blog. It went really well. I was in a big board room and met a mega pro photographer and here was the boss of the modeling agency telling this pro guy that my photos are great and he should see my new work...i was just thinking "Oh My God! Im well out of my depth here!" But hey ho, I did what i always do...totaly blagged it, talked some rubbish which sounded vagually professional and impressive. Read through my contract and had my 1st shoot booked! I'll be photogrpahing between 2 and 13 models a day. £25 per model and I have to edit 8 photos per model to magasine quality. So when this takes off the ground i will be pretty swamped. But its a wikid opportunity and great for my portfolio and CV. I was thinking that once we have got our qualificatios in 2 or 3 years from you, and ive got a couple of years experience as the head photogrpaher for an agency, well it shouldn't be too hard to get a decent job in London or something that pays better and is more creative. Well fingers crossed anyways :0)

Hmm, what esle has happened...oh I met a few guitarists this week about my band. Im auditioning them this weekend and next week. Then hopfully I will have my band sorted and we can start rehearsing propperly and get gigging after that which is mega exciting cos I sooo miss the stage! There is no place I feel more comfortable :D

Oh I went to the Pav Tav on Tuesday, and the Tuesday before that. I went with my boyfriend Wes and i met his friends from uni (he goes to bimm, the music college i used 2 go to) And they are all so nice I was thinking that our class should go there next Tuesday evening and hang out together. And I can itroduce you guys to some new peeps. I only realised last night that we have not ALL got together 1 night and hit the town. So I'll text everyone on Monxday or summit and see if anyone wants to come out.

Anyhoo, ive been up for a long time now so I should go get ready for bed soon cos im knackered and got lots of work on tomorrow :-s

Peace Out xXx


Bobby's Bits said...

woooooooooooooooooo! u finished!! we have like 3 days of peace then more work! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Christopher said...

poster looks awsome emy!
(apart from u need an appostrafy in the title, on "I'm" ...thaught i'd wait till u handed it in till i told u about that haha not rele!)

glad the new jobs going well :)

where u at pav tav last teusday/the teusday b4 that?! b coz i go there like every teusday night (apart from last week coz it was a mates birthday) nd i didnt c u?! small world! haha