Thursday, 3 December 2009

Make 2010 the best year ever!

I would like to talk briefly about EFT. It is something that I do to help heal my neck and my back and the emotional issues surrounding it, but it is used for so many more things than that.

It is based on Eastern philosophy. It works by tapping on Meridian points around the body. It is a little bit like acupuncture but without the needles. The various techniques used release blocked energy, which means it can help to heal physical and emotional issues.

The lady who does my EFT sessions will be stating EFT sessions for small groups in Brighton. This makes it more affordable and the energy you channel is increased because there are more of you in the room.

There will probably be a general group but Linda will also running groups for specific things, such as Relationships, prosperity, health, anxiety/confidence, cravings and a
peak performance group .

Price will be £10 for an hour.

Will start in January in Brighton/Hove. Small groups, no more than 4.

Read more about Linda and get in touch with her here:

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