Thursday, 12 November 2009

Body Paint Photo Shoot - What really went on!

This shoot was incredibly challenging for me. I managed to get a talented body paint artist to work for free for me and I got a model at last minute to pose almost naked, outdoors in November for free! I did have another model arranged who has a lot of previous modelling experience but she had to cancel due to illness. The model I used had little experience in front of a camera. However she was willing, open minded and enthusiastic so what more could I ask for! She also had a lovely figure and a natural look which was a must for this particular shoot.

We were really working against the clock with this shoot as there was a tight deadline for the project so we had to shoot before the model started work at 1:30pm. We began painting the model at 8am and headed off to the forest at 11am. We only had an hour to shoot which was incredibly difficult because it didn't give much time to find which parts of the forest worked best for the location. The lighting played havoc and I was forever changing my manual settings to suit the current lighting situation. The other issue was that I had to make sure my model was kept warm so every 5 minutes we would stop and wrap her up in a big coat. She was so incredibly brave to do her first proper photo shoot nude, outdoors on a cold Novembers day! I have a huge amount of respect for her!

Behind the scenes of our body painting shoot!

The body paint artist assisted me on the shoot by keeping watch out for dog walkers and keeping close by with the models coat at the ready! When our time was up we rushed back to the models house so she could get to work. I then began editing the best images for the next 2 days. The hardest thing was cloning out her underwear! She wore a nudge coloured thong, but the paint did not take well on the material so I had to do a huge amount of painting on Photoshop to make it look more artistic and like she was actually nude.

I'm now going to pass the edited images onto Matt who is pretty much in charge of turning the images into an ad campaign with his genius skills on illustrator and Photoshop. Fingers crossed they turn out good and it was worth the hard work and effort I put into the shoot!

Here are a couple of the photos from my body painting shoot... they will all be up on flickr soon

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