Friday, 30 October 2009

Projection Photo Shoot - testing!

Our 1st test shoot was very successful. There was no editing and we realised that the prints show up well on skin. We used the uni projector which was really bright. Next step was to find a good location to test and find a projector to use, as we can't take the uni one anywhere.
Projection Test Shoot number 2!
I have acquired a large club in Brighton to shoot in. In order to shoot the model with the projection on, but have a black background, we needed to bring the model away from the wall, but also shoot was a certain angle and distance. We reaised that the projector is not as bright as the uni one an so the skin does not come up amazingly. Therefore I want to have the models wearing all white and use white makeup on the part of the body still showing. We will also be changing the projection images so they show a lot more detail on the body. Now we now exactly what to do to get it right we can go ahead with the real shoot and bring the models in!

Make up inspiration for Projection shoot

These are inspiration photos for the make up for the projection shoot. I want very bold and striking make up so that when I shoot close ups, it really stands out. Black will be best as all the projection images are so colorful, it would not work to use colored make up. I also want the face to be made very very white, and also whiten the skin which is not covered by clothes.

Credits for make up photographs:

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