Thursday, 5 March 2009

Web development - oh crap! :-s

Ok, totally changed me idea this week. Im going to do a website for a party entertainment business. It's going to be for adults parties (No chris, not adult parties!) Just parties booked for adults, like big birthday bashes, anniversaries, hen/stag parties, work do's...etc. Ive got most of my content written. ive got a name, And ive designed various top banners and decided on the one I want to use. I therefore have a color scheme too. BUT I dont yet have a site map, or a design in gernal for the site. Nor do I have any skill in using dreamweaver and this worries me some what. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEHOW! PLEEAAASSSE!!!!



Christopher said...

hahaha, adult partys aye? ;)

chill-ax!! you're at the same stage's as all of us, u havn't missed ny thing! :)

we're ment to be presenting 3 mock ups (just in photoshop, just do what i did and do your site then make up 2 other crap ones that u'll never use again) with site maps, on monday... but you're not in monday are you?! so u don't even need to do that!

i don't think any one in our class has started using dreamwever since the 1st day tutorial! and it's really easy so don't worrie bout that!

i'm happy to help, but i dunno what u want help with?!
are you in on wednesday?! if u r i'll show u every thing i've done so far nd help with what ever u missed :)

Christopher said...

PS. i know u hate drawing but if u just scribble out some boxes like this... really helps :)

Emy Harris said...

Thanks Chris!

How do I mock up a site on doing the buttons and navigation do you do that?

thanks for the drawing link...very helpful actually :0)

Christopher said...

u don't need to make any thing work, it's just like a mock up image of the layout; just make a new image the size of the screen nd draw out the background and build it up with the menu, headder, ect

or u could just do a box one like that picture above

i'll show u mine on tuesday to show u what i meen, i'm rubbish at explaining things! :)